Ben Popken’s Response to Flickr Copyright Infringement?

February 19, 2007


I openly ask Ben Popken about his reponse to the story about his use of (un)fair use of images online. We’ve seen the news headlines, and all that snaz, but what was his response. Being a model blogger for bigger-than-thou companies why don’t you respond and admit your wrong and do the right thing?

I find the Flickr Pool, just a mild form of damage control. I want to read the apology to photo artists stright from the mouth of Ben. That, my friend, would indeed be the right thing to do.


Welcome to the Consumer’s Advocate Blog!

February 19, 2007

Have you ever been upset or “had” in a deal with a company or a business? Have you wanted to share your story with someone who will fight for you? Well, that is what my goal of this blog is all about — you. There is no reason why consumers should put up with rude or otherwise unsatisfactory service.

FeelĀ  free to visit this blog and contribute to it. Want to drop us a tip? Send an email to Privacy guaranteed. We’ll feature your story on here, providing it has a news-worthy merit or a valid concern that is being brought forth.